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So we did not get off to the best or least confusing start….I mean, having the same day twice is already confusing, right ?

Woke up, looked at the clock – half past 8. No, said J, it is only half past 7. I assumed I had forgotten to adjust my bedside clock by one of our “one hour” adjustments, and promptly went back to sleep.

Tried again an hour later. Looked at the Ship’s TV channel to check the weather forecast just before we left for breakfast. Ooops, it is now nearly half past 9, so we are too late to go downstairs to the “posh breakfast”. Eh ?

Finally got to the bottom of it; J’s Electronic Equipment that gives us the alarm had been too clever by half, and as well as adjusting for the Dateline by 24 hours, then took an hour off because apparently last night Sidney lost an hour for the end of their Summertime….?

Anyway, whatever time or date it is, today is the first day when you would say it is “tropical”. The temperature is 24 deg outside at 10am, (still with a stiff wind blowing, though), and the sea is blue and smooth, not grey and choppy. The forecast said ”cloudy with a chance of showers”, which must have been elsewhere in the Pacific – this was definitely lovely. We strolled around the top deck just before sunset and there was much evidence of sunbeds having been in use all day; tho I think the wind put some people off.

We also lost another hour at midday again – it will be quite nice to come back to a place where time behaves itself; but not for another 5 weeks – did I mention that ?

The rest of the day was much as before; it is very curious how on a holiday where time really does not matter, we spend so much time checking our watches; can’t be late for breakfast, can’t be late for dinner, need to move the hands on or back by an hour…..

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