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Carpe Diem at the Dillon Wal*Mart

Exiting I 95 at Dillon
We are just a few miles south off...

Sun, 22 May: Continuing north...

We awoke about half past seven, had breakfast, went thru our checklists, bade farewell to Dave and Rebecca Fuller, and wove our way thru the forest and out of the Thousand Trails park. Once clear we connected the dink and rolled onto I 95 northbound.

It was an uneventful drive with no stops other than to switch drivers about half way. Just shy of the North Carolina border we exited at Dillon and found a prime spot in the Wal*Mart parking lot. We're currently enjoying the cool weather (it is forecast to drop into the mid-fifties overnite).

Tomorrow we were scheduled to drive to Littleton, NC but the Thousand Trails there sounds as tho it's a repeat of the forest we just left so we may cancel our reservation and spend another nite at a Wal*Mart, America's favorite campground.

Today's run was 161 miles with overall fuel economy of nine miles per gallon.

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