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What fun to discover that an antique farm tractor show was happening at a farming town near Bellingham at Lynden. The noise of the clattering steam tractor engines was deafening, and the air full of soot was amazing. Fortunately, the majority of antique tractors were not steam engines but gasoline and diesel.....which were stinky enough! It was great fun to see all the different tractors, to see a steam powered lumber mill, to see how the huge steam boiler towers worked for running machinery in shops, and to watch the competition "tractor pull". I would go again to that fair if we are ever in town at that time.

Another really great thing we went to in Bellingham was the Spark Museum. It is a museum of artifacts collected separately by two men: one collected all things related to early electricity experiments including tools and machines and equipment. The other was all things related to early phonographs, radios and TVs. A highlight was the show in which a sparking Faraday cage was used.

WHile in Bellingham we went to one the Boeing Factory plants for a tour. We then spent the night of Whidbey Island, and ferried over to Orcas Island the next day, where we stayed for a couple nights at the Inn.

The following week we returned to that area to ferry from Anacortes over to Friday Harbor on San Jaun Island. There we met up with Wendy, Shelley and Ronnie who had just returned from a nice boat vacation with friend Kit on her 1920s era "revenuer" for fisheries boat.

We stayed the night on San Jaun Island, and took the family to SeaTac the next day, with me joining them on their flight to Sacramento (Our step-dad had died during that week, so I went back "home" with them). Dan returned to Bellingham.

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