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Carpe Diem at Escapees Turkey Creek

Crossing Grand Lake in eastern Oklahoma

We crossed into Arkansas west of Bentonville

Arkansas town along AK 102

On US 62 east of Rogers

US 62 gets pretty wiggly near Eureka Springs

Even 15mph is a bit much on some curves
Thank goodness for our...

We drove thru Eureka Springs

Entering Missouri on US 65

We visited the College of the Ozarks
Also known as Hard Work U

College of the Ozarks, aka Hard Work U

The college's fine dining building

We had a wonderful lunch at CoO

While at CoO we came upon a Model T caravan

Another lovingly restored Model T

Yet another Model T

Sat, 10 May: An interesting day's drive...

We slept well thanks to Wal*Mart. We had a few trucks parked near us but they didn't bother us at all. We were up early and got Carpe ready to roll. Since the car never got disconnected we breezed thru our pre-departure check lists and rolled our wheels at 0808.

Back on US 60 east for a dozen or so miles to US 53 which we took south along the lakes region of northeast Oklahoma. During yesterday's drive the landscape has become much greener and the terrain a bit hillier. We are noticing a decided increase in the humidity as we leave the desert and high plains behind us.

We continued south on US 53 to OK 20 which to took east to the Arkansas border. We transitioned to AK 102 east into Bentonville and then Rogers. At Bentonville AK 102 becomes US 62, which we took east and northeast thru Eureka Springs to US 65.

US 62 goes thru some pretty wild undulations as it hugs the hills and valleys of northwest Arkansas. We encountered many curves with speed warnings of 25, 20, and even 15 mph. Since a seventeen ton vehicle forty (63 with the car) feet in length isn't exactly a sports car, we heeded those speed warnings quite diligently.

We picked up US 65 about twenty miles south of the Missouri border and headed north. North of the line we picked up US 65 Business at Hollister and made our way to the Escapees Turkey Creek RV Park. We arrived at 1317 having driven 181 miles with a dismal fuel economy of 7.0 mpg.

We plan to remain here at Turkey Creek for two weeks. Hollister is just south of Branson and we look forward to seeing the sights, possibly enjoying some shows, and generally "vegging" for a bit.

Thu, 22 May: We've been a bit lax with updates. Were we too busy or what??? Actually, blame it on Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind. Sandi started reading the novel and couldn't put it down. Last week's weather was cloudy, cold, and wet—perfect weather for book reading. The heat has now returned with daytime highs in the high eighties and humidity to match.

Well, we've been here almost two weeks and have enjoyed "vegging" out. While we've made some outings for dining and shopping, we've really not done too much sightseeing. Life at the Escapees park is pretty laid back and we're going with the (slow) flow. Most of what we've done is not very noteworthy with the exception of washing the coach & car. Both really needed some TLC.

Today we did, however, do something worthy of mention. We visited nearby College of the Ozarks and lunched at their student-run restaurant. CoO is a unique institution where students pay no tuition, but are expected to work for their education. Every student has a job, ranging from milking cows to painting buildings and pretty much every other task that is required to operate a campus.

The restaurant was in a lovely building overlooking the campus. Service was excellent and the fare a good value. If you are ever in the Branson area do plan to dine here.

We're planning to head north on Saturday and spend the long weekend driving 450 miles to Moscow, Iowa. We have an appointment for Wednesday to have our slides/jacks hydraulic system evaluated to address an intermittent pump problem. We plan to take secondary roads northeast thru Missouri to Moscow. We hope by sticking to secondary roads we'll miss the majority of holiday traffic.

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