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Pummakale Pools

Me in one of the Pools

More Pummakale Sights

More Pummakale Sights 2

Up early and started packing my bag. zip pulled out of the runner, not a good start. Managed to get it closed and head out for the traditional Turkish breakfast (tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, bread and cheese. I have learned to enjoy it by now.

9am cought a taxi to the Otogar (bus station) and by 9.30 we are on our way to Pummakale. This bus was awsome we will be travelling with this company from now on, heaps of room.

4 hours later we arrive in Denzili and catch a Dolmus (small bus) to Pamukkale. We arrive at the pension that our last place recomended and its great. After the customary Apple tea we booked a tour for the next day and our bus tickets for the following day. Then we headed to the calcium pools. The owner of the pension took us in the back way (which meant we didn't have to pay) and we first walked down the hill through the ruins to a theater and temple then on to the calcium pools. They are amazing just a pitty that tourism has ruined this place.

A natual spring runs down a hill and when it cools it leaves behind the calcium. 20 years ago they built a heap of hotels hear and the water dried up, so they nocked down the hotels and are trying to restore it but it is not even half its former glory. Itlooks like there is some major wooks below it so hopefully with tourism money they can rebuild it to its former glory.

On the way down Andrew and I had some excitement. A young lady was having some tasteful pictures taken for a gentlemens magazine in the pools, so Andrew and I thought we would stop there to take some pictures of the calcium pools, and take in the sites.

Back to the pension and after a few beers we had a traditional home cooked Turkish dinner then of to bed to get ready for our tour tomorrow.

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