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We started the day a bit late – 9:00ish – with breakfast at the hotel. Then we made our way down the street a bit to the monorail station. At every corner there is a button to cross and most folks wait for the signal. Alice… not so much. But we still made it with no troubles. I bought a single ride ticket – a mistake I later found out. In any event, Monorail!

We went from Centre City to Convention Center – one stop past where we were supposed to get off. It was OK because there was a pedestrian bridge over the harbor with some nice views. Weather was quite nice as well. We headed over to the Imax – the biggest Imax screen in the world (so it said) and bought two tickets to “Into Darkness.” At $53.00 I felt a little dark…

Then we wandered back up to the station, I was thinking a ferry ride but Alice saw “Sea World Sydney” so we headed over there. Admission was rather expensive but if we bought for things it was must less per unit. Oh well… So the adventure began.

Sea world was nicely done with good displays and lots of critters. Down side was that it was school trip day so there were 100s of elementary school kids – all in uniforms (and few adultes – usually only two with 20+ kids) all making a LOT of noise. On the plus side we could easily see over their heads. Alice asked if she had ever been like that (yes). Anyhow there were sea horses, rays, sharks, even a manatee or two. Some nice glass tunnels too – and a gift shop.

Then we went to Madam Trousseaus Wax Museum – odd but fun and one of the few places I could get Alice to actually pose for pictures! There were statues of lots of celebrities and lots of people we had never heard of… But it was fun, and most importantly, non educational. And there was a gift shop.

Then to the next attraction in line – Wildlife Sydney – rather small and many of the critters were hiding due to the cold, but a very nice cassowary and a gift shop.

Back on the monorail (we got an all day pass this time) and stopped in Chinatown. A nicer lunch and wandering through the area was interesting. We even got to go to a mall where Alice fell in love with a pair of shoes. For the fifth or sixth time. It was getting a bit late so we headed back to the monorail.

Our next stop was from the Eye of Sydney – a single tower that went up 1000 feet. We went to the observation platform and there was a spectacular view in all directions. We could have paid a bit extra and gone on the platform walk – but you had to get in a special suit and be attached to a life line so we passed on that. Too bad as looking straight down from 1000 feet up would have been fun. Or sickening. Not sure which. Then there was the gift shop.

Then back on the monorail! Really liked the monorail but it will be torn down on July 1 – it may be sent to Tasmania. Seems it was never a success and has been – and continues to be – quite expensive. Monorail… monorail. One every five minutes or so. I digress.

Back to Darling Harbour at about 4:15 and discovered that the last ferry or tour boat we could take had left and we couldn’t take one that would get us back in time for the movie, so we wandered around the harbor area, looking a birds. Alice found a big mall. We ate at the “Mad Mexican” and apparently he was pretty steamed. Halfway through dinner the stove caught on fire and the place filled with a little smoke. No big deal as the cook had the extinguisher out right away. Food was OK.

Back across the harbor to the Imax and we had to wait a while, then the theater opened. They issued us special Imax glasses and we went it – BIG screen! When the show started the 3D was spectacular – have never seen it so good. The screen was so big you could see everyone’s pores and you had to look back and forth to see the whole thing on the distance shots. The story line was a disappointment but the effects were great!

When the show was over we discovered – no gift shop! But we also discovered it was raining – and this the dry season. We made our way back to the monorail, then back to our stop (we had to change cars as the first train was being sent off for the night). We hurried up the street – most of the sidewalks were covered so most of the time things were dry. Then back to the hotel at 9:00.

We will be picked up at 10:30 tomorrow on our way home, and should be in Lynchburg at 11:54 PM on the 19th. If all goes well. But this is travel and, like today, things always don’t go as planned. Must pack.

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