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Discovery III Stern Wheel Paddle Boat

Wheel on Boat

Float Plane Taking Off Chena River

Float Plane Landing on Chena River

Close up of Float Plane

Boat Wake

Susan Butcher's Sled Dogs

Dogs at Play

Native Athabaskan Guide


Fish Wheel

Fur Storage

Roughing it!

Good Morning! We were up early to pack our bags-they had to be outside our door at 6:00 am for pickup. After breakfast, we were loaded on a bus and taken to the Chena River for a Riverboat Discovery Cruise on the Chena River. We saw a fish wheel used to catch salmon; watched a bush pilot in a float plane take off, land and take off again in the river; visited an authentic Athabaskan village with native American Guides and saw some of the dogs from Susan Butchers famous Iditarod sled dog team. After the river boat tour we were loaded onto another bus and drove to the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.

That evening, we went to a dinner show, The Music of Denali, which highlighted some of the history of the first climb of the "High One", called Denali by the Athabaskan natives, and Mount McKinley by most folks from the lower 48.

We will get to see the Great Denali tomorrow! Praying for good weather. There is an unofficial club called the "30 percent." Roughly only 30 percent of the people who come to Denali actually see the mountain. It is usually cloud covered and not visible. And only 20 percent see the complete mountain without any cloud cover!

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