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Carpe Diem awaiting service at Tom Schaeffer's RV
Back in Shoemakersville for ongoing...

New York State I 81 construction

Back in The Keystone State on I 81

We drove by Sandi's home town on I 81

Tom Schaeffer's RV in Shoemakersville, PA
A Winnegabo and HWH service facility

Bears 1 — Moose 0
We enjoyed browsing through a Cabello Superstore near...

Wed, 08 June: A very tense 211 mile drive from Davenport, NY to Shoemakersville, PA. After considerable discussion with HWH, Tom Schaeffer's service dept., and among ourselves we decided to "scrub" our planned visit to Corning and instead get Carpe to an HWH service facility ASAP. Since performing our troubleshooting earlier in the week the slide problem worsened and we felt it was best to get it fixed, NOW!

Our route took us along NY 23, I 88, I 81, PA 309, PA 443, PA 895, and finally PA 61. It was hilly and, at least the Interstate portions, gently curvy. The Pennsylvania state routes were often in very poor condition and Carpe got a pretty good shaking.

The drive was "tense" because we were really concerned about the port side slide creeping out. We had to stop about every 15-20 minutes to cycle the slide to close it fully. We made it OK, however, and arrived at Tom Schaeffer's RV about 1545. We got a spot in the service row where we could connect to 30-ampere electricity and immediately turned on the air conditioning as it was in the nineties.

We got checked in with Aaron, our service rep. He'll confer with Frank at HWH and, hopefully, devise a plan of action that'll correct this annoying problem. We dined at our "favorite" Shoemakersville dining spot, Cousin's Pub, a short walk across the parking lot. We managed to stay awake until 2130, and then it was lights out on two very tired RVers.

Thu, 09 June: We stayed in bed until after 0800, cuddling, snoozing, and talking. Our very favorite way to wake up. A late breakfast and then we took a drive to a nearby Cabello's Superstore, where we whiled away an hour or so browsing through the huge store. We were blown away by the enormity of the store, the variety of the stock, and the sheer number of items we didn't even know existed—much less covet. We didn't buy anything...

Then to a brand new Wal Mart Super Center where we completed the few holes in our shopping lists. We're now back in the coach enjoying the air conditioning. Aaron said there was a remote chance they'd be able to get Carpe in this afternoon, but it'll most probably be first thing tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Late in the afternoon we got a call from Aaron at Tom Schaeffer's RV. He asked us to have Carpe ready to go into the shop at 0700 tomorrow (Friday). They're pretty swamped with work so the techs are coming in an hour early and he wants to get the valve changed early in the day so they can monitor to ensure the slide doesn't creep out.

Fri, 10 June: Another alarm clock day—the darn thing went off at 0600. We got out of bed, ate, cleared the coach for travel, retracted the slides & jacks, and had Carpe ready to roll by 0700. Sure enough, right on schedule Dave, the tech, came by and took Carpe into the shop. We were homeless, so what does one do when you lose your home? Go sponge off relatives.

We hopped in Carpe Dinkum and drove the ninety some miles from Shoemakersville to Morristown, Nj, where Sandi's brother has his law practice. We set up in his conference room with our computers and whiled away the morning catching up. Mickey even let us use his super fast wireless so we were able to get much of our software updated...

Around noon we all went to lunch at a New York style deli. About two we headed back as we wanted to be back before Tom Schaeffer's service dept. closed at five. We were making good time until we were nine miles east of our exit, when both lanes of I 78 stopped dead for some fifteen minutes. Then it was stop and go for a while until we reached our exit.

Carpe was back in the same spot and the slide was in and had not crept out. We checked in and Aaron advised that they replaced the valve and retracted the slide about eight. There was no charge as HWH picked up the tab under their warranty. We'll spent the nite at Tom Schaeffer's and head out in the morning.

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