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Long Straight Highway

Curving Highway

Descending into Taylor, BC

Taylor Bridge Sign

Natural Gas Suspension Pipeline

Motorcyclist with Teddy Bears

Another Moose Sign

A VW Bus stopped in front of us at a construction.

Bridge Freezes before Roadway

Diarama of Kiskatinaw River Bridge

Our drive today took us on the first part of our trip up the Alaskan Highway. This leg of the trip was 278 miles. The road was straight as an arrow, winding and curvy, climbing and descending, or any combination of two of the above. We encountered two construction projects that were down to one lane. The second project, they sprayed water on the road to keep the dust down and now the coach and car are caked in mud in some areas. Although the scenery was beautiful, we did not get to see any wildlife, although there were plenty of signs for Moose and Deer Crossings. I did get to see a couple of beaver dams near the side of the highway though. At the first project, a motorcyclist in front of us had two teddy bears attached to his backpack. Experienced my first 10% downgrade hill going into Taylor, BC. The bridge across the river was paralleled by a suspension natural gas pipeline. We thought we were going to go over the longest wooden bridge in Canada that was part of the original highway and still in use, but apparently they have changed the highway. We saw a new Moose sign today. We also stopped behind an older VW bus that had some hippie painting on it. I have also included a Bridge Freezes before Roadway sign - it shows a car and thermometer indicating 0 deg C. We did see signs for the Original Alaska Highway, but did not take the turn. I did get a picture of the diorama at the information center yesterday.

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