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Carpe Diem in Indianapolis
At the Lake Haven Retreat RV Park. We paid...

We left the Elkhart Campgrounds about nine this morning. It was sad to bid farewell to Carmen and Domingo, but they had to return home and we were getting antsy after sitting in Elkhart for ten days. Besides, we'd accomplished everything we intended to do, so time to "roll wheels"!

Our first stop was at the body shop a few miles from the campground where they applied the front mask film to the freshly repaired and painted area. In the midst of cutting the pattern the skies opened up as a strong thunder cell moved through. They pulled Carpe into the shop so they could complete the work without getting struck by lightning (seems the owner had been struck once and did not care to repeat the experience.)

By the time the film was in place and the bill settled the rain had abated somewhat and we hooked up the car and hit the road. It rained off and on for the first hour, but slowly cleared up and, by noon, the sun was out. That was not the greatest news since the humidity was about 15,000% (or so it seemed). The further south we drove the higher the outside thermometer indicated. A very muggy & hot day.

Our route took us south along Indiana 19, which we had intended to take until it intersected with US31 at Peru. But, as we proceeded south the highway, a designated truck route, got narrower and norrower until we were driving on lanes ten feet in width, with no shoulders! That makes the road twenty feet wide. Carpe, and most trucks, is 8½ in width (not including the mirrors). Do the math and you quickly realize that every time we met another large vehicle it was white knuckle time. It wasn't fun anymore, so we cut across to US31 north of Rochester, Indiana and stayed on that route the rest of the way to Indianapolis.

Our plans were to overnite at a WalMart, but the heat and humidity were so yukko that we elected to pay for a park with electricity to run the AC units. We found one on the south side of town, which is OK, but overpriced in our mind. Narrow spots and geese all around with all that entails (mind where you walk...)

Tomorrow we'll drive the remaining 150 or so miles to Bardstown, Kentucky where we hope to spend four or five days exploring "Bourbon Country". We visited there last year with the Baileys, but due to a family commitment we had to leave before we were ready. We're here to remedy that oversight this year.

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