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Rocket building on Montevideo main street 1

Rocket building on Montevideo main street 2

Horse and cart

Another grand Montevideo building

After Buenos Aires it has been a quiet few days in Montevideo, not helped by the weather which has turned to absolute crap (read: nasty thunderstorms for the past few days). Activities have included doing a bit of a walking tour around town - looking at the old colonial part of Montevideo and going to a beach near town. Although it is winter here, it is not really cold, and is also quite humid - so that if you got a sunny day you could still swim I think (not that any of the locals seem to take this option!).

Have also been trying some of the local fare - which largely revolves around copious quantities of red meat - similar to Argentina. Went to a Urugayian asado restaurant the first night here and the waitress convinced me and the Dutch and German guys I was with to try a traditional meat platter. This contained all the standards - beef, chicken etc, but not until about 1/2 way through did the waitress explain that it also had glands and intestines - considered a delicacy here. Upon watching the gringos squirm (especially the German who is a med student and had seen the inards of a fair few dissections) she proceeded to provide complimentary blood sausages. I tried most of these bits and pieces, but not really an experience I want to try again any time soon!

After this, and the meat fest that was Argentina decided I better lay of the red meat for a few days before I:

A. Have a coronary

B. Turn into a fat bastard...

Its now a few days on, and the humid, warm but overcast weather I mentioned above has transitioned into cold crappy thunderstorms, which have confined most of the backpackers to the hostel, making the occasional excursion only to return looking like drowned rats. Luckily today there is football on TV all afternoon, so it looks like an afternoon in drinking beer and watching spot may be on the cards.

Based on the relatively unpleasant turn in the weather, have decided that it is time to move on tomorrow heading north through Urugay and Argentina via Igazu falls then out to the coast of Brazil - hopefully by which time things will be a bit warmer!

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