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The very popular "When Pigs Fly" balloon

Hey Linda Hadam! This one's for YOU!!

This is Steve Stucker that reports every single morning on the TV

Today is 10-10-10!!!! Once in a lifetime!

We got up early to be on the field before seven and witness the final "Farewell" mass ascension. There weren't as many balloons setting up...many of the pilots still work so they had to be on the road so they could be home by Monday a.m. That includes our pilot because when we walked over to his launch site he was nowhere to be found.

The organizers were thrilled that the balloons were able to fly every single morning (9 of 9 days). That is extremely rare as most years flights only occur about 4 or 5 days of the fiesta.

We feel so fortune to have been a part of all this. We have met so many wonderful people and created many new friendships. We finally created business cards so we had something to trade with our new friends - everybody has cards with thier names, email & websites on them. Ours are very basic, but we can always upgrade (learn more about the software).

The RV park is clearing out this morning. We are able to stay tonight but need to get out tomorrow morning. We still don't know for sure where we are headed. 'Still think we'll drive up to Santa Fe and spend a couple of days there. Then maybe South. Our new RV friends have told us of so many wonderful places to go from here.... Texas? Arizona? Southern New Mexico? .....HMMM...

Well, I guess we'll be doing some internet research...then on to our next adventure!

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