Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

We hiked back to this falls at Kejimkujik Nat'l Park, Mill Falls

View from the other side of Mill Falls

Reflections in marsh water on a trail in Nat'l Park

Reflections of Lois in the marsh water

The Loon that we saw on our hike to Brooks point

Both Loons at Brooks point, the male is preening

Osprey and nest on a pole just outside the Nat'l Park

Queen Anne's Inn in Annapolis Royal

We decided to stay one more day at Annapolis Royal and drive down to Kejimkujik National Park of Canada. This park is a wilderness park with hiking trails and places to kayak and canoe. It has a lot of bird life (eagles, osprey and all kinds of ducks), black bears and deer. We took a couple mile hiking trail to a water falls, taking several pictures. On one picture, I tried to get a closer view of a smaller falls and slipped on a rock and did a perfect point to the sky with your feet and landed on my back and right elbow. Lois witnessed the feet towards the sky but her camera was not ready to click. No real injury, just a skinned elbow and very stiff. We walked another 1 mile loop trail and found a nesting Loon and her mate. We got pictures as neither of us have ever seen one. A Loon has a loud and eerie call that is almost blood curdling when you are close. The two Loons went back into a marsh, within earshot but out of sight and began calling to each other, we wish that we could have recorded their calls as it was very unusual. You hear Loons in many scary movies when a lake is involved because of their eerie calls. As we left the park, we found an osprey nest in a light pole and took some pictures of it. From here we worked our way back to the campground to prepare to take the motor home to Halifax tomorrow. We want to be close to Halifax on July 1 as this is Canada day (their version of our July 4th, independence day). We would like to see some Canadian parades with Mounties, bagpipes and drums.

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