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We have left Canada and are back in the USA.

After driving around Toronto we ended up at the crummy campground. I know it was crummy because of the showers.

I'll tell you my observation of showers. You can tell how well a campground is by the way it's showers work or don't work and by how clean the bathrooms are. Not rocket science I know but a very accurate measure.

For example the crummy campground had crummy showers. In fact they were the worst showers I had ever come across.

First of all I knew as soon as I walked in to the bathroom that this was going to be a trial. Standing at the basin was a little lady of asian desent cleaning, as in washing, her beer cans. Yes, inside and out and there were at least 20 of them. I must have been gaping because she gave me a look that made me feel like I was the one acting oddly.

Thank goodness I have learnt to test the showers before getting undressed or I would have gotten very cold as it took me a good twenty minutes to figure out how to use the shower. Some genius... (Yes I know sarcasim is the lowest form of wit. Trev reminds me regularly.) I repeat, some genius had come up with the idea of making the shower without a hot or cold option and to make it a push button type system. I'm actually being generous when I say 'push button' because my hand was bruised from having to repeatedly push the damn button. The way it works is that you push the button in with the heel of your hand and then it squirts out 6 seconds, yes 6 I counted, of water. In order to keep a steady stream of water you have to push the button every 5 seconds at least. It must work off of some type of pressure thing because when you push the button in you can feel a lot of resistance.

I have hundreds of stories about showers. You wouldn't believe what some people call a bathroom.

Okay, so I don't think I'm being overly dramatic when I say that it was a crummy campground but surprisingly it wasn't me that insisted on leaving it was Trev. Actually I have never seen him do the skeedadle quite so quickly. Even more impressive is that he did it all by himself. The move that is. The reason being because I came down with whatever the kids had been throwing up all week and was now prone on my bed. I would have been quite happy to stay where I was and just sleep but Trev wouldn't hear of it and packed everything up and moved us on to Niagara Falls. To the promise of hot tubs, saunas and a heated swimming pool.

A lovely campground, with lovely showers and even a tub. It was fabulous to be in such luxury. Of course at $60 a night you would expect nothing less.

What did we do in Niagara Falls? We went to see the Falls of course and they were amazing. Such power is hard to grasp.

The kids were not quite as enthralled as we were but then I remember Trev saying he was never impressed by the Acropolis or any of the things he saw when his parents took him around the world and I can't say that I ever oohed or aahed about the Hogsback Mountains or any thing I saw with my folk when we travelled. I think the part they enjoyed was getting soaked in the spray. Actually no, they didn't enjoy that either. It was too cold to be fun. So I guess it was just Trev and myself that really enjoyed that day but I know the kids loved the previous evening when they went to see a Magic show with Tigers. I didn't go because I was still in bed but the kids gave me a very entusiastic report when they got back.

We spent some time in the pools and hot tubs and had a very relaxing week.

We also went into Toronto to meet up with a really nice lady called Yasmine who works for a production company there. She took us to lunch and we spoke about the possibility of being part of a TV show on families that travel in RV's. A very exciting propect that we're hoping will work out. Apparently we're interesting - or at least our choice to do this trip is interesting. Do you think we're interesting? Sometimes I worry that they'll choose us and then be terribly dissapointed because we're so dull and boring. I mean I haven't dyed my hair in ages and I'm even wearing shoes (most of the time anyway. I feel quite plain. Maybe I'm interesting because I'm so neurotic. Actually I think the kids are very interesting but then who doesn't feel that way about their kids. Trev? Will he be the star of the show. If he keeps threatening to "bliksum" (sp?) the kids he will be. He'll be in jail. LOL

I'm joking about it because it's taken me a few days to unhitch myself from the emotional rollercoaster of alternating elation and despondancy. I tried to be very Zen about it. Tried to remain unattached to the outcome, meditated an extra 5 mintues twice a day. I even tried to talk myself into believing that I didn't care about it, that it is enough to just be part of the process. Until I realised that that was a bunch of bull and actually I very much wanted to do this thing and who was I kidding.

The kids say that I've become the paparazzi in their lives. Yasmine has asked us to take some home movies of the family doing ordinary stuff. Huh. My A type personailty (some of you may catch the irony in that) has kicked into high gear and I keep trying to capture the perfect moment. Of course I haven't got one yet - perfect moment, that is. I just don't think it's possible to do. Believe me I've tried.

So we may or may not be on TV sometime in the future

Okay so that was Niagara Falls and Toronto. We were supposed to go to Canadas Wonderland but the weather turned foul and I didn't want to wait out another week just to spend our entire entertainment budget at a theme park. So we decided it was time to go back to America.

Amish country, here we come.

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