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Aukland, New Zealand - the jewel in the Southern Hemisphere! And... it's...

Not too much happened in the morning! We picked up our new Air New Zealand tickets from the office at the airport then went through check in / customs. Duty Free was quite impressive at Nadi, so Gareth picked himself up a cheeky bottle of Smirnoff Vodka (6 quid for a litre!) and we also bought some books, clothes and sunglasses.

The plane was late, so Gareth got stuck into Richard Branson's Autobiography 'losing my virginity' and Helen set about having a good worry about the flight!

Eventually at about 3.15pm, we all boarded. Helen and I just can't get used to this flying business. We've been on stacks of planes in the last year but it's no good! We don't like taking off and we on't like landing! The bit in the middle isn't too bad though! Thank God Richard Branson was there to keep Gareth occupied. Good book though.

Good bye Fiji!


Hello Auckland New Zealand!

It's soo wierd being in a 'normal' country again. New Zealand is clean, modern and very, very much like the UK (but with a splash of the states). The customs were great and polite as we declared our wooden presents (I knooow - mad!). Apparantly wood can can disease. We then jumped on the 'SKYBUS' to Downtown Auckland. It cost 11 bucks which the hostel very kindly refunded!

We're staying at 'The Fat Camel' hostel in Auckland and it's great!

Auckland is just like the UK! It's about 13C and it's raining! It's a hell of a shock to Helen and Gareth, who have been in temperatures of 30C + for the last 2 months - not that you care!!! The rain was very refreshing though and the cold has made a lovely change!

Our hostel is very nice and is set out apartment style, which 6 rooms sharing a kitchen - very impressive. The security here is also excellent with credit card type keys being used to get around the building.

In the evening we headed over to AUT (Auckland University of Technology) to meet up with Jodi and Sarah who we'd first met in Fiji! It was great to see them again and take a look at where they were staying. They also promised us that they'd take us on a trip of Auckland the next day as long as Gareth helped them with their homework!! ;-)

We eventually left at around 12.30am and walked back through the city, down Queen Street. Auckland is impressively safe and we didn't feel any unease walking through the city. We got back around 1am and were shattered!

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