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Daddy time

Giant kiwi at Wellington Zoo

A pair at the Wellington zoo.

A must on the tour to visit LOTR movie set

Bilbo Baggins house on the Alexander farm (movie set)

Baggins house in the movie

Famous party oak tree

After crossing back to the North Island we mad a stop to the wellington Zoo, shich we missed on our way down. It is a small compared to other cities, but it was a pleasant time and much needed break from driving.

Next we stopped in Matamata (Hobbiton). It was another stop that the kids and I really wanted to make. Though it is such a small town, it is a major tourist stop for those who love Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This was the place where the The Shire scenes were shot. We got to see what was left of the movie set and go in a Hobbit hole. The movie set was actually on a very large and beautiful sheep farm with rolling hills and a lake with mature trees. When peter Jackson flew over the Alexander farm he knew that the location would be perfect for the shire. After 6 months of convincing the owner to let him film on the farm, Peter Jackson started filming all 3 movies at the same time. We got lots of commentary from our goide.

Over all it was a good stop on our way back to Auckland where we were anxious to get to so we could move on to Australia.

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