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There we were, seven Republican tourists from California and Oregon along with one of some other political persuasion, calling ourselves The Trekies, standing on an overlook watching George Bush 41 and his accompanying boatload of secret service flying over the water toward us. It all happened so fast we hardly knew what was going on.

It started when the Black Suburban with dark windows and Maine license plates pulled up along Side of the Evan's pickup and backed neatly into the space behind it.

We had watched the Suburban leave the Bush Compound a minute or so earlier from our vantage point overlooking the Senior Bush's vacation home in Kennebunkport. As I had parked the pickup against traffic and everyone was out looking at the Bush Digs, I discovered the sign that said "No parking against traffic", so expertly executed a 7 point turn in the middle of the road to aim the pickup the correct way. It was seconds after that the secret service vehicle arrived.

We pretended not to notice the clean cut young man with the dark glasses exit the Suburban and walk around the back and step up on the curb next to where we were all standing with cameras and binoculars pointing and clicking photos of the Presidential resort. My first impression was to walk over and ask what it was that we were doing wrong. (Besides turning around in the middle of the road), but decided that if he wanted to arrest me, he was going to have to make the first move. Instead, he just took a stance like he was at parade rest and stared out at the ocean.

That's when we saw the white boat with three people aboard screaming into the bay where we were watching. The driver was George Bush Sr., along with two passengers being followed by a boat carrying his secret service entourage.

Mr. Bush looked over where we were all pointing and calmly waved to us, all the while executing a sharp right hand turn into the dock at his residence, the secret service Zodiac boat following a short distance behind.

We watched while the entire fishing party docked, removed life jackets, picked up gear, and climbed out of the boats and walked up the hill toward the residence, and eventually go inside. It really was quite a thrill, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an ex-president.

We learned afterward that George Bush 41 is an expert fisherman and helmsman. The boat he was in is named "Fidelity III and is 34' long and powered by 3 Mercury outboard engines developing a total of 825 HP. The boat is capable of speeds of up to 75 MPH, surely enough to outrun the puny looking secret service raft. It does, however, only get 1.5 MPG at a speed of 50 MPH. But, what the heck, as I recall, he is in the oil business.

After our encounter with the rich and famous, we headed back toward Kennebunkport for a lunch and to relive our adventures.

by Larry Evans

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