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Floating Mosque at low tide at sunrise

Water Buffalo

Water Buffalos

Shy guy

Proud mom

looking for turtles

Duit duit

Knows there are no turtles during the day

Watching evening soaps - we didn't steal, but we could have -...

The cleanest spot in the room

A very enjoyable ride (65km), as we left really early in the morning to avoid traffic and heat. Stopped several times during the day, and met our first fellow cyclists so far, going in the opposite direction from us. Passed some road construction, but it didn't slow us down too much.

Kampung Rantau Abang used to be a place where the leatherback and olive turtles came in numbers to lay eggs on the beach. Too many tourists, garbage on the beach, fish nets, and environmental pollution, not to mention the turtle egg trade (a Malaysian delicacy) caused them to all but disappear from the area. No more turtles - no more tourists. Rantau Abang has since become a ghost town, with kilometers and kilometers of beautiful, sandy beaches.

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