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Tasmania, is a place that if you ever make it to this side of the world is worth the flight over from the mainland and it's definetly worth spending some time out here. A week is not enough time, a matter of fact you could easily spend a month wondering around the island. Coming in from the airport I immediately got that excited feeling and I found myself looking forward to driving around the island even for the short period that I had.

The town of Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania but is still pretty small which gives it a nice comfortable feeling and like Tas itself makes it more manageable. It has a pretty active harbor scene with nice restaurants and busy pubs and a 24 hr bakery that is also a sandwich shop and sell's meat pies. It's also one of the only places open if you want something to eat after 11. The town itself is incredablely clean as is most of Tasmania and most people seem to be genuenly nice. There's more to this little city then I can come up with right now but the town, the island, has become someplace that if I had the time I would love to come back to.

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