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Nice video dear!

Ok, I'm sorry I left you all hanging with the last post. The main reason I did was that my honey was going to take a few pictures for me to post. But he is such a man! Ladies, you do know what I mean, don't you???

The last thing I said to him as he and nephew Kenny drove away was "try to take 5-6 pics of the quad hidden in the forest, okay". Sure honey, no problem. When they got back, I downloaded them and guess what? I had 5 VERY short videos of the ground, the trees, the sky, his leg! Everything BUT the quad hidden in the trees!

The reason the other car (lady) was so upset was that sometime after leaving Burney Falls and 40 miles before Susanville, our welded skid plates became unwelded (well mostly) and the quad along with it's rack was dragging on the ground causing sparks. Now I admit that this isn't a good thing, but the more normal thing to say (in my opinion) is "I think you have a problem behind your rig".

Fortunately, the weld was about 5/6 gone but still hanging on by a thread. Otherwise, the entire rack, quad and all, would have dropped to the ground, perhaps causing serious damage and even worse, a death. We were scared! So, the quad and the rack are now history. We've had it on the back for two years and it has traveled over 10,000 miles. It was nice to have it with us, especially before Larry had his new knees put in. But certainly not worth the trouble it's caused in the past 2 months.

Bottom line, we removed the quad from the rack and hid it in the forest. Then we attempted to remove the 6 bolts holding the rack to the 5'er. Not one of them would budge. They were beefed up in Montana and installed with an air gun. So, we ratchet tied it up from the ground high enough so that it wouldn't drag and proceeded VERY slowly to Susanville. It was a Saturday, and almost 6pm, so we figured we probably wouldn't get much help. It was also Halloween. We located a tire/mechanic shop and I spoke to 2 guys about our dilemma. They were awesome. They had us pull in as far as we could, brought out their airgun and managed to break the bolts loose. Not easily I might add! They then put a heavy duty wheeled jack under the middle of the rack to hold it in place while they pounded the bolts out with a hammer. They used a dolly to wheel it over near a block wall so that we could pick it up the next day because they were closed on Sunday. Larry wanted to check and see if Kenny needed it for any reason. He didn't, so yesterday when they went back to retrieve the quad, they stopped by and let the guy know he could use it for scrap. (One of them lived behind the shop). He was happy to have it and we were happy to give it to him! One less headache to try and get back to Ely.

So, that's the story. We didn't arrive in Reno until 10pm, we didn't trick-or-treat with the kids and we didn't go to church Sunday as they had a 5 hour trip to deal with the quad. Bummer, we were looking forward to all of that. We did have a nice dinner with Kenny's family when they returned. London broil on the bbq....Yummy!

One last note. We were going to leave this morning but decided to hang out for one more day and drive around Lake Tahoe today. The weather was gorgeous and we had a fantastic time! Daylight savings time got into my picture taking though! I didn't realize it is dark by 5pm and we were not quite where we wanted to be by then. So, the last few pics were taken by moonlight, with no tripod. I used my honey's shoulder, the side of the truck, rocks and the ground trying for some stability. All in all, not too bad. I'll post those tomorrow, too tired now. Thanks for checking in! Hope you weren't too disappointed that the 5'er didn't burn to the ground, or something setting the beautiful forest on fire. God's country is way too beautiful to spoil! Good night...

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