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My soft sleeper cabin






I booked out of the hotel and met with Lin and Sophie. They were going to take me to the Post Office. Blue Sky was supposed to be with us but was at the moment a no show. We took a taxi to the Post Office which was with in walking distance but I had awoken with a bit of a headache and my throat is really starting to get sore.

The Post office was much better organised than at Hanoi and the process and packaging much better. It still took a long time and I was ever so grateful that blue Sky had joined us finally. He is a fantastic people person and could translate everything for me. This is not a place for a Westerner to be without someone to help you.

The whole process to over an hour for one package to be sent home surface and another to be sent airmail to my mate Craig. Craig if you knew the paperwork they required for your package....

We then headed to lunch at you guessed it, another new place. Blue Sky ordered for us as there were no photo's and it was all in Chinese. Lunch was good and I have really taken to the tomatoes and eggs mixture.

They all then accompanied me to the train station. Blue Sky told him which one to go to which is actually the one next to where I can in from Hong Kong. We put my things through the x-ray then sat down and waited for my train to be called.

The time to say goodbye eventually came and we bid farewell. I will miss them all and hope to keep in touch. With any luck I will meet up with Sofie in the Philippines when she is back there during the break.

I waved goodbye and hauled my stuff through to the terminal. A staff member approached me to check my ticket and pointed me in the right direction. I went down the stairs and up the other side to the right platform. I of course was once again the focal point for many a curious person.

I was happy when the train arrived and boarded with the help of a staff member. She directed me to my room. It is a soft sleeper with four beds. I was the only one in there at that point and wondered if I would be lucky enough for it to stay that way. The staff member also let me know that if I needed anything, just to see her.

We pulled out of the station and I settled in. They view was really good in spots but was ruined by the fact that the window was dirty. A mixture of rain drops and dust. I still took some photo's and hope that I can clean them up a bit.

I had no idea how many stops we would be making and how many tunnels we would go through. A never ending stream of both it seemed. However stops came and went and no one joined me in the room. Looks like it could be mine for the night.

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