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Nat makes tea!

Oi oi.... It's eggy bread and bacon O'clock at the Oslo!


Nat get's angry when it's her turn to wash up!!

We're supposed to be over there where all the skyscrapers are, you...

It was quite a nice place we decided to stay for...

Ok this morning I had my screening for my second attempt at doing a drug trial.

The weight limits for this one were slightly different from the last one (you have to have a BMI of between 18-30)

Last Wednesday when I was screened I had a BMI of 31.7 which worked out that I had to lose about 4kgs to get down to less than a BMI of 30.

They weighed me straight away when I got there and they worked out that I had a BMI of 28.7 and had lost over 4kgs and got down to 99kgs!!! The nurses didn't believe it either and double checked it!!! Can't believe I lost like 9lbs in 5 days man!!!

Anyway all the rest of the tests and X-rays went ok.

I find out in a few days if they have room left on this trial.

When I got back I did what all fat men who are made to lose weight do.......cooked some brecko!!! Eggy bread, beans 'n' bacon!!!!

Come on mum, I haven't eaten for 5 days!!!!

After leting that feast go down a bit we headed into Melbourne town for a bit of a mooch about.

We've decided to hire a car for a couple of days to 'do' the Great Ocean Road so we picked that up at about 5pm as well.

We got completely lost on the way back from Melbourne Town to St Kilda though and ended up about 10 miles down the coast at a place called Brighton!

It was really nice there though so we decided to have a beer (except Em as she was driving!) in the sunshine and then take a lazy drive back to the hostel!

I think we basically hung out in the hostel this evening as we intend to leave by 7am tomorrow on OUR ROAD TRIP BABY!!!!


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