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6:30 am...After a hot night we drove(actually, Bonnie did) the entire day, 3 of us packed into the front seat - due to a fine if one of us is without seat belt. Landscape flat with trees/shrubs/grasses but lots and lots of burned areas. Saw 2 live 'roos' very early in the day and many road kill roos. The 'road trains' are many and some as long as 53+ meters - 4 trailers! Wiki Info Road Train You can google road train and see hundreds of photos to get the 'picture', ha!

In Cloncurry we go through a downpour/rain - refreshing...Wiki Info Cloncurry

Arrived near dusk at a great old place (since the 30's), the Barrow Creek Hotel/Pub and Caravan Park. Wiki Info Barrow Creek. Here I beat Mare twice at crib, ate fish and chips, and spent a most uncomfortable night first in the heat and then after B & M opened the doors to cool down, fighting off bugs, principally mosquitoes. If I had my druthers I druther fight off the heat, it eventually cools. Once the bugs are inside there's nothing to do but be pestered and get no sleep.

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