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St Kilda high street

A cakey shop in town!

Froggy cakeys!

A bit of kite surfing!

VIews of Melbourne city

Me on the pier

A shot of St Kilda from the pier

Gay pride march! they love to march don't they! marching here, marching...

A flashback from that club that night......(shivers) this dude was 7ft tall

James and sweeden girlies made the best cakes EVER!!!

Nat's sad because Nadal just lost a set boohooo :(

Me with food hanging out my mouth and Nat's still angry by...

Nat went to work early this morning so I had Emma for the day!!!

We hungout for a bit and then went for a wander around St Kilda as there is the St Kilda Festival on over the next week with music/comedy/street performers etc all over the place so we thought we'd try and find some of that.

It turns out it's all moving all of the time so unless you know the timetable you'll miss we did!!!

So we decided to walk down the pier instead. We saw lots of kite surfers and even a couple of drunks getting pulled out of the sea (don't panic they were still alive!).

We then caught a bit of lunch (the first lunch I've had in 4 days!) and headed on back to the hostel.

As we did we noticed that one of the main roads was closed off.........for the Gay Pride march!!!!

Now it was all good fun and everyone was really enjoying themselves, however me and Em were still a little bit on edge from our 'Rainbow encounter' last week so we had a quick peek and then got the hell outta there!!!

Safely back in the hostel Em, Nat, and James decided to go to the pub to watch the tennis final. As I'm a hero I went for a jog first (no not back towards the parade!!!) and then met them in there.

Did anyone watch the tennis final? It was pretty cool eh?!

I wanted Federer to win right up until the point when he started blubbering on the microphone at the end!!! GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Anyway I think we got back to the hostel at about midnight....just in time for a tripple bill of football on TV!!!

To be fair the girls went to bed and I only watched Sunderland V Newcastle and the first half of Arseheads V West Ham before I crashed.

Good to see Spurs lost AGAIN though wasn't it!!!!!!

Anyway nite nite kids!!!


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