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Nat hiding........but we know what she's doing!

She's eating a sausage roll everyone!!

On the Neighbours bus!

We got to watch some classics!

We think this looks like Karl Kenedy!

This was where they filmed the nightclub tragedy scene! which is just...

The Mechanics

This is where Issy left from when she was preggers!

Grease Monkeys!!!

Us (and the sudo ex-famous Neighbours chick!) outside Grease Monkeys!

Us outside Carpenter's Mechanics.....probably.

Susan Kennedy's got another 5 points!!! (If you have no idea -...

Aparently they actually used this backdrop when Lou went to Hong Kong!...

Don't ask!

Imagine everyone's suprise when Toadies ugly brother turned up!!!

Harold's store!

Ozz outside Harolds store

We might give him a call and see if he will represent...

James gives Jarrod the thumbs up!

Charlies Bar

Nat and James outside Charlies

Were not sure what this bit is called

The lake....we got told off after this as apparentley it's not stable!

So we took another!!

Why did you have to die.........WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYY!!!

A load of old c*ap behind Harolds Store! I don't even think...

Me sneaking in to Charlies Bar

Then Ozz nips in for a quick beer!

Some fake birds...classy!

Miss you Stingray!

The back of Lassiters

Inside Lassiters......we also got told off for going in here...teehee!!

Nat off to get on to the "special bus"

The set for Prisoner cell block H........Anyone old enough to remember that?

Ramsay streets real name!

Welcome to Ramsay Street

It looks a lot bigger on camera!

We have no idea who lives in here!

James looking rather unimpressed by it all

The Kenedy's house

The House of Trouser- Toady etc....we think!

Jim Robinsons house! for the old school fans!

This one needs no introduction!

Nor this one!

sneaking under the sign while the guide was still talking! we just...

A new "troublsome" family moves in to Ramsay Street

Harolds gaff! Ozz is doing a Harold Bishop impression.....funny...he seems to do...

Paul Robinsons old house...maybe Lou's now?? we wasn't really listening!

Milling about in the street

Ozz doing a Toady know the one!? on the opening titles....with...

Ozz hanging outside the Kennedy's house!

It's all about Em!

Ummmmmm.....we found this in Ramsay street....Or smack street as we like to...

More street!

The security guard, It's guarded 24/7! FACT

Bye Ramsay Street!

Neeeeeeighbours....everybody neeeds good be do be do be doooooooo la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

You get the picture?!

Today we went on a Neighbours tour! YEEEEAAAAAAAA!!! and rather luckily the heat has been turned down a notch to a cool 35 so it was slightly more bareable today.

The whole gang was out today! I was up and ready at 9 humming the neighbours song untill I couldn't contain it any longer and woke everyone up around 10 ish.

We got to the Neighbours tour centre at midday and got on the bus where we were treated to some old episodes while we made our way to where we was being driven.

First stop was Erinsbourgh High! Although they don't use it anymore due to disputes with the locals....that was your first Neighbours FACT!

Next stop was the televison centre where they film most of the outdoor scene shots like Lassiders, Lou's Pub, Harrold cafe and Greese Monkeys etc.

We were greated by Janelle Timmins (Stingrays Mum) and we had a photo with her and got her autograph. She was really nice!

Austen had no idea who she was though!!! Or what half of the sets were!!!

Hey - they've all changed since the last time I watched it man!!!

The main thing that struck us all so far was how budget it is! The tour driver was telling us about all the ways the show saves money by a bit of clever photography. Seriously we were expecting the sets to be massive and more of a professional look than they were but it's actually tiny and it looks nothing like it does on screen!

It was really cool to be there on the sets but as I say (Austen) I didn't really recognise any of them as they were all relatively new!!!

After this we drove down to Ramsey Street - Now I know I'll recognise THAT!!!

The studios were only about a 5 minute drive away from it and everyone was very excited about going there (especially Nat and Em!!!)

It was sooooooooooo surreal when we got there.

It also seems a lot smaller in real life but IT WAS RAMSEY STREET MAN!!!!!

We've all seen it on TV for like 20 years or something, and we were actually there!!

It was sooooooooooo wierd!!!

We all wandered about taking photo's and stuff, and just basically hung out on the street!!!!

After about half an hour the bus driver dragged us all away and drove us back to Melbourne.

We wandered around shop shops in town after this, still in a daze from actually being 'in Neighbours'!!

Then I think we all just hung out in the hostel tonight to save a bit of cash.

Heh heh heh ahhhhhhhhh Neighbours..............


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