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Our 50 year old fishing boat is for sale.

This game camera was installed a couple of years ago, and forgotten.

9:13 AM: Flowers for Hazel delivered, sent by our son Glenn.

10:10 AM: The neighbors say this young man stopped to check-out the...

10:10 AM: Huh, nobody home ...

12:00 PM: Amazon delivers some packages.

1:04 PM: I return home, carrying groceries into the cabin.

Someone stole our boat on Wednesday June 19th. It was out by the road, next to the mailbox, with a "For Sale" sign next to it. The plan was to ask $200, but I was certainly up to an offer. My father-in-law and I bought that boat together 50 years ago, and as I recall, we paid less than $300 for a brand-new 14' aluminum boat at Holiday Village in Blaine. It has been here at the cabin for a few years, a renter here painted it black for who knows what reason, and it was in need of some help, but certainly would have made a decent little fishing or duck boat.

My $80 on sale game camera from Cabellas, that I put in the tree a couple of years ago, is still taking photos of people coming and going from our cabin front door, the batteries are still good, and it appears that there is a lot of storage room left on the little memory card.

It took a while to retrieve all these photos, but they were all date and time stamped, and after loading them into my notebook computer, I was able to look at the last few days. Sherlock Holmes could have used one of these. Here's what I found on Wednesday June 19, 2019:

#7712 - 9:13 AM - A dozen roses are delivered for Hazel from our son Glenn and family.

#7713 and #7714 - 10:10 AM - A young man with a motorcycle helmet is seen coming going from our front porch. The neighbors across the street told me they saw a guy "riding a scooter" who came and looked over the cabin, and shortly thereafter, the boat was heading West toward the street towards the dead-end where the state boat landing is. The husband is elderly, and he doesn't remember this, but his wife told me that he'd told her on the 19th that he'd seen the boat being taken in that direction.

#7715 - 12:00 PM - An Amazon delivery for some items I'd ordered on Monday.

#7716 - 1:04 PM - I return home, hauling a few groceries into the cabin.

So, in the cabin I go, noting the boat was gone. As I unloaded the groceries, I said "Hazel, I see you sold the boat, how much did you get for it?" Hazel looked confused, "The boat? No, I didn't sell it." "Well, it's gone", I said.

A mystery to be solved. Hazel thought that maybe someone had come by, finding us not home (she'd been napping in the bedroom and wouldn't have heard a knock on the door), took it with intention to return later to pay for it. That is Hazel, always assuming the best in everyone.

The next day, with no return visit from our boat buyer, I talked to our neighbors, they remember seeing a young man riding a motor scooter who stopped to check the boat out, then watched him walk up and check out our cabin. She said her husband later saw the boat "heading west down the road towards the State of Minnesota boat landing". That is a dead-end street, so water would have been the only way out.

It was then that I remembered the game camera I'd strapped to a tree a couple of years ago, pointed at our front door. We travel so much, or did until Hazel's health problems kicked in, that I thought it might provide us with a level of protection, or at least the ability to identify any intruders. But, that was a couple of years ago, were the batteries dead, was it even still taking pictures?

I got out the ladder and climbed up the tree, took the camera down, found the instruction manual, plugged it into my notebook computer and .... what do you know, the device was still functioning perfectly, the batteries still had life, and the memory card held over 7,700 photos. Included were photos taken on the morning of June 19th that you see above.

As it happens, a sheriff's deputy, a captain actually, lives two doors down from our cabin, can't wait to show him these.

Stay tuned, as my detective work continues.

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