Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

View from our $3.50 campsite

Mt Shasta

Shasta lake

The dam

Looking over the power plant


Our excellent guide

Pipes leading to the turbines


Train and river tunnel

Can almost hear the train and see the water gushing

People tunnel

Woke up to a beautiful morning another shorts day for moi. We headed off to the Shasta Lake Dam. Shasta Lake is the largest lake in California, and as is true with almost all is man made. We heard from our friends Don and Jeanne there is a free tour and some awesome sights. We had just missed the 11 AM tour with the next being 1 o'clock so we at lunch in our camper. Then headed on quite a long walk across the dam for the tour. Down and down we went right into the dam! We had a wonderful guide who explained everything in everyday language. The purpose of this dam is water control first with electric generation a byproduct. It is a marvel how something this big (2nd largest dam in the US) was made. It was part of the WPA projects Roosevelt unveiled. Man what a job. We found most interesting how the river was diverted to make the dam. The Union Pacific RR was going to be underwater eventually so a tunnel was built under the mountain first for the train and after the railroad changed their route the river was diverted through the tunnel. We walked through the power house and when we were finished we viewed the exhibits in the visitor's center. GREAT tour and we would recommend it all if you are visiting this area. Then we had a travel afternoon on I-5. Pretty remarkable us being on the interstate but there did not seem to be any way around it. I can't remember the last time we were even on an interstate highway. We pulled into a private campground which is OK. Not the best we've had and not the worst. Off to San Francisco today for a couple of days. Enjoy the pics.

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