Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Waking up to a shiny rig

Marina at our camp

To the caverns

The dymaic duo

Scene from the boat

De bus

View from the bus

Visitor's center vista





Shasta ghost town

Brick doesn't burn

Original barn from late 1800's

Only business in Whiskeytown CA

Marina at Wed. nite camp

Woke up this morning to sunshine and warmer temps. I wore my shorts for the firs time in over a month. Those of you who really know Shirley....not much shortin' going on there. We headed to the Shasta Caverns which included another switchback up and down mountain trek, a boat and a bus ride to the caverns. The destination was EXCELLENT. Those in the know about me, understand I can be a bit claustrophobic. I sucked it up and went on a great venue with my best gal/pal. A super boat trip on Shasta Lake and bus ride on the edge of the mountain. Then into the mountain itself to the caverns. WOW, it was great! We then sped down I-5 trying to make it to the last tour of the Shasta dam and damn we couldn't make it in time. It's OK though, we went to the town of Shasta. It is a ghost town of sorts. People still live there but the old town has been restored. It is shells of brick buildings with interpretive signs pointing out what once was a thriving gold rush and mercantile town. It has been restored three times since the 1930's. Very interesting. For this type of event we give it a 10 out of 10. Then on to find our campground of the night. We stopped at Whiskeytown which was uh... nothing. Then to a campground in the National Forest 3 miles up the road. Parking lot camping is not our fave so we headed 11 miles west to another National Forest campground and although we are in a parking lot, we are 3 sides wooded for $3.50. So here is the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say). On this trip Don and Jeanne went to Shasta Lake. We have always known this to be Whiskey-Shasta Lake having been here 35 years ago and renting a boat on the lake. Today two things happened. Shasta lake has a great deal of shore line ABOVE the water making it look empty. Whiskey Lake on the other hand looks to be "full pool". I spoke with the camp host this evening and told him our story of 35 years ago. We could see a road with line markers and street signs below our rental boat. He pointed in a direction and said that would be "over there". Voila! We were at Whiskey Lake in the Whiskey-Shasta National Forest. Mystery solved. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the pics.

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