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Nice hiking trails



Spectacular sculpture

View of St. Paul's Cathedral from the top of the capital building

Minneapolis in the distance...the two cities are called the "twin cities"


The Senate Chambers

A closer look at the relief in the Senate Chambers

Lots and lots of marble in this capital building

Beautiful artworks




The House of Representatives

A closer look at the marble in the House Chambers

St. Paul's Cathedral in the distance

Hello Minnesota

Rare original of an alternate Constitution

Explanation of alternate copies of the Constitution

Had to laugh a little at this bit of trivia



Quite a collection of television sets

A lot of history about tornadoes and the damage they do

Father of water skiing....the skies were huge

Spent the night in Brookings, SD at Sexuer City Park on our way to St. Paul. A quiet little park with 10 pads and a large park for activities.

The next stop is St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota. We stayed at Lebanon Regional park which is part of their county park system. Lots of rules at this park, but the sites are very nice and it is reasonably priced.

The capital building is magnificent. Very ornate. The most notable feature of this capital is the statue atop the building. It is a chariot drawn by four horses called a quadriga. The actual name of the statue is "Progress of the State." It was created by sculptor Daniel Chester French, in collaboration with noted equestrian sculptor Edward C. Potter. It features four figures - the male figure driving the chariot represents the state, two female figures portray Minnesota agriculture and industry and the four horses represent earth, fire, water and wind. The inspiration for the statue was the charioteer and four horses that French had modeled for the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago. The statue is made of hammered copper then covered with gold leaf

Nearby was the Minnesota Heritage Museum. It was well done keeping our interest. A highlight in this museum was a rare original of an alternate copy of the Constitution.

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