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From Kryss and Talaat:

Good morning all,

There is now just one day to go before the 2012 total solar eclipse in Australia.

The weather forecast appears to be : "a possible shower" and "mostly sunny". This means that there is a chance of cloud but also of a chance of a clear patch where the eclipsed Sun will be.

A reminder that I will be giving a presentation at the Travelers Oasis at 8pm tonight (Tuesday). Bring any questions to that. Being a bit of an "old git", I expect to have a nap during the day as well as prepare all my camera batteries and other bits and pieces. I will show photos of past eclipses and describe what will happen at tomorrow's eclipse (weather permitting). I will also talk about eclipse photography and eclipse viewing glasses. I will cover any astronomical questions raised.

I will NOT talk about astrology.

We have 21 people for the airport shuttle bus tomorrow morning. This will leave the Travelers Oasis at 3:30am and will pick up from the Best Western City Sheridan and the JJ Backpackers. Everyone else will need to be at the Travelers Oasis before the 3:30 departure. Others in our "group" are making their own way to the eclipse site.

The site is the northern end of the Esplanade at the village of Machans Beach, just North of the airport. I have booked breakfast at O'Sheas Pub for 8am. We will order and pay separately.

After the eclipse we hope to set up an eclipse web page on my web site with the best stories, photos and videos. I am hoping that anyone who is interested to take photos will do one thing but do it reasonably well. I can then collect the images (with your permission) for publication. You will, of course, receive full credit on the web page. This page is an example from the successful 2008 eclipse in Russian Siberia:


We will also take a group photo of all of us. These photos will appear on a people page. This page is an example. Notice how we display the number of total eclipses of the Sun seen:


The 21 people for the 3:30am shuttle bus are:

Kryss (This will be my 13th total eclipses of the Sun - and no, I am not superstitious)

Talaat (at her 10th total solar eclipse)

Maria (my sister, at he first eclipse)

Costas (my cousin, at his first eclipse)

Demetra (my cousin-in-law: first eclipse)

Mari (4th eclipse - all previous seen with us)

Tim (3rd eclipse - all previous seen with us - Tim likes a pre-eclipse swim which we are discouraging)

Bonnie (4th eclipse - all previous seen with us)

Carol from California (first eclipse)

Wil (how many eclipses have you seen?)

Annemiel (?)

Dave (at his second eclipse after a battle with Cancer)

Allan (first)

Cindy (first)

Astrid (?)

Rachel (?)

Ann Kristine (first)

Hannah (first)

Robert (first)

Silvio (first)

Sabrina (first).

If you have changed your plans or if I don't know or cannot remember how many eclipses you have seen, please let me know. The cost of the ride is 10 AUD per person. I will collect this on the bus and pay the driver in one go to save time.

Others who I know are coming are:

From the Travelers Oasis:



Mick's flatmate (all at their first eclipse)

Making their own way:

Ivar (5th eclipse - 2009 with us; 2006 at the same location as us and in one of our photos)

Thomas (2nd eclipse)

Tim (no email - at his second eclipse)

In addition we expect to have some local residents joining us. This may include the proprietor of O'Shea's Pub who saw a total solar eclipse in Melbourne in the late 1970s.

When arriving at the eclipse site remember it is residential and it will still be dark so please keep the noise down.

Clear skies, everyone and may your coronas be bright.


Weather Info

Weather Info - Cairns

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