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My main meal for the next 5 days!!! BOOOOOOO!!!!

Today is HOT! I mean you can't do anything apart from hide hot!

We walked down to the shops and I had to take my sunglasses off as the metal was burning my we hid in our room like everyone else today!

[I (Austen) actually had a screening this morning to see if I could take part in a drug trial. It's 13 days living in the hospital, playing the playstation, and you get paid $4,000 for it (that about 2 grand kids!!).

The problem is however it turns out I needed a BMI of under 28 - which basically means I had to be like 14 and a half stone to do it. I haven't been 14 and a half stone since I was like 12 or something!!

Apararently though they are doing a week long trial screening next week that pays less but which is less strict on the BMI. Still if I want to do that i still have to lose 4kgs in 5 days or something! Meh I've got nothing better to do!

So not eating, no booze, and doing exercise everyday for 5 days. Lets just hope there isn't a heat wave or anything otherwise I'd be buggered! Doh!!!!]

It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!


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