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Water puppet theatre

Water puppet theatre

Water puppet theatre singers

We arrived at the Central Stars hotel and I was given room 203. Sleep was the obvious choice after such along night but they convinced me to book a trip to Halong Bay for tomorrow morning. It should be good and I was going to go there anyway.

The three Europeans went elsewhere to stay...yah. Don't need their kind of people around me. Obnoxious wankers. So I went to my room and found that there was no towel in the bathroom and as I know don't have my travel towel, I had to use a shirt to dry off. Must buy a new towel. There also was no toilet paper but I had that thankfully. Still it was only $10 a night so beggars can't be choices. However it did have a fridge, air con and satellite TV.

Later on the guys at the desk told me the cost of an airline ticket to Hong Kong is over $300. Crap. I didn't want it to be that bloody expensive. I'll look on the net for cheaper. While I was doing that, the Czech girl rocked up behind me. They asked if I wanted to go to the Water Puppetry show with them then go for drinks and get something to eat. I was in.

The show was good and I wanted to see it as it is quite famous here. Afterwards we headed for a bar that served Czech beer. It was down a dark alley and not a pub at all but another alley with small tables and chairs alone the side. We risked it and took a seat.

The beer is great and only cost $33000 Dong for our six beers. Very, very cheap. It's less than $3. So I am now a fan of their homeland beer. This couple was great and have invited me to come stay with them if I ever make it there. They also have a Golden Retriever that looks just like my cousin Tim's dog, Mason.

We left to go to find somewhere to eat but most places were shut. We found one place that had only us as customers but the food was great and other than the power cutting out twice, the atmosphere was good to.

It had started to rain while we had dinner and none of us was prepared for it. We ducked and dived under cover as we kept checking the map to find the way back to the hotel. made it back but were completely drenched. We knocked on the door as it was late and they had locked the place up for the night. We felt so bad as we were dripping wet and they had to mop up after us. They didn't show that they minded but I won't do it to them again.

I'll miss my new friends as I am leaving early to go to Halong Bay. I hope we keep in touch.

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