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Perth Airport 'Sleeping & Baggage Claim Area'

Bon Reading, 8-10 Others Sleeping

View of Perth After Takeoff

Further On After Takeoff

Midway in Flight - Strange Lake

A Happy Window Happening

Landing in Darwin, City in Far Background

Darwin Airport Arrival

Darwin Airport Arrival

City Bus Ride - Flat, Green, Well Trimmed Was the Consensus

Darwin Street Bird

Darwin Park Bird

Park Flower

Darwin Pole Birds

Darwin Cafe Bird

View of Darwin "Harbor" From Walkway Bridge

Darwin Signage of History

Lots of Indigenous History

DingoMoon - One of the Few Housing Structures to Survive 1974 Cyclone

On City Bus - Darwin Skyline

DingoMoon - One of the Few Housing Structures to Survive 1974 Cyclone

At Darwin Museum - Great Boat Display - This Was Just One...

Darwin Museum - Great Boat Display - This Was Just One of...

Couldn't Resist a Photo (Taboo) - This Traditional Indigenous Design

The Beach in Front of Museum

Indigenous People Chew This Lots of Places in Asia - First Time...

Betel Nut Impliments

Overnight in airport, fly at 8:15am

Sleeping was a bit fitful - woke to the sound of rolling luggage when airport fully opened at 4am. Easy check in, row 5 so took advantage of business class newspapers, ha! Very nice flight from cool Perth (22C) to sultry Darwin(35). I knew we were in a totally different environment from the past 10 months when I found that looking out the windows of the airport shuttle in Darwin I saw nothing which grabbed my attention enough to take a picture!

In Darwin:

Dingo Moon Backpacker Hostel which we had booked months before is all dorms - 6 in one - Kiwi and Swedish guys (2), and an Irish gal. Also, mostly young people lots of cooking in the kitchen, and beer drinking in the common areas. The 3 of us are the 'weird' ones though most of the others have tattoos and are punctured numerous times in just about every possible body skin area! Go figure!! Mari and I played crib - I won but then she lacked her beer and was thus distracted, she says.

Darwin was almost totally destroyed by a cyclone in 1974 Historical Info Cyclone Tracy which then was almost entirely rebuilt.


Today we are investigating onward travel possibilities...frustrating that the internet costs over $3/hour US! We complained in Indonesia when it was over $1 US, how times have changed in just a few days.


Went to internet and ended up booking a rental car out of Cairns beginning on the 15th and ending on the 29th in Melbourne. Got the smallest car available, 2 doors and manual. Since Bon will be the driver we also opted for the maximum insurance! (Ha, just kidding! But we did opt for the maximum insurance).

Mari went to feed fish which set her back $15 AU, just not my idea of good value, ha! Later Mari told us that one the way to the fish feeding park she found a $20 bill on the street...paid for her entry and food for the fish. Some kind of karma going on there! We will be going to a local pub which just opened 5 days ago (The Precinct) to watch the election returns in the US tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise, our entertainment is to ride the city bus around town...really!


After a short internet interlude we head for the pub and election return watching...Good watching...the world has another chance to come to grips with solutions instead of a return to ???


More bus travel around Darwin today, then tomorrow evening we fly to Cairns.


Check out day at Dingo Moon, lots of internet time, unforturnately I lost another vital component to my journal entries, the ScanDisk with most of the remaining photos I've attempted to save! And now just when I have a chance to upload a bunch of photos here at the Darwin Public Library for FREE no less!!! I guess I'm just not very good at IT stuff or at least keeping track of it!! Really ticks me off, any suggestions on how to remember these things when traveling?

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