Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Sat. night campground

County park

Dressed for church

Crescent City UMC

Crescent City light house

Driving the one lane dirt road


Big trees

That's me with the trees

Smith River


North CA coast

Sunday night campground in the forest

The boys liked the big trees

Redwoods that is. Yesterday we woke up and took a short walk in the Redwood Forest where we camped and it was awesome. We went to church in Crescent City then headed for the hills, literally. The forest ranger told us about a stand of old growth redwoods up a hill. He did say the road was dirt but well maintained. He didn't say it was straight up or that it was one lane for both directions and huge redwoods would make us weave our way through with bare inches to spare. But up we went. Many interesting encounters with folks coming the other way. There were some pull offs. We FINALLY got there (about 7 miles) and found a place to park which was not easy. Had lunch in the camper, changed clothes and went for a hike. WOW are these trees BIG! We had a beautiful day for a hike of about 2 miles in total. Got back in the rig and headed the other direction which was only 3 miles and much better conditions. We had a nice ride along the coast of California and pulled into a private campground in yet another redwood forest. Half price camping with our Passport America club. Full hookups and cable (watched the Falcons loose) for $16.50! Enjoy the pics.

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