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Sad face because we are so hungover.......

Happy face after our first sip of the day!!

We don't wana drink........

Oh alright then if you insist!!

Me and Nat having an arm off........I think we may both be...

It's illegal to walk at have to be dancing at all...

A giant claw hand that smashed things up......

Ahh look....the giant claw hand is waving at everyone! that's nice!!

Lupe Fiasco


Go on Nat Splat!!

Crazy girl with flag who nearly took all of our eyes out...

Nat got so excited she got naked! Peace out sister!!

Pendulum ROCKED man!!!


The blind dude in the white hat was still enjoying the music.

Nat and I sporting our new necklace very kindly given to us...

How excited can 2 people be??

A funky band we stumbled accross!

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :)

Silent Disco! Sshhhhhhhhh!!

Coooome on!!!!!

I knew there was a reason we wasn't supposed to be going out last night!.....oh yea it's because we are going to Big Day Out today which is a day festival that is held all over Australia.

We all woke begrudgingly around 11am (which is when the festival started! whoops!) and moped about all hungoverlike and eventually made it out the door around 12.30 ish I think.

It took us around an hour to get there and then after queing and getting wrist bands etc we decided the only way forward would be to have a drink! Only rather annoyingly you have to buy tokens to buy drinks at the bar, but you are not allowed out of the caged area with your drink which was a bit annoying! (but we found our way around that ha-haaa!)

The first person we went to see was Lupe Fiasco who was cooooooool, after that however we saw Pendulum who were AMAZING!!!!! It was a bit strange dancing to drum and base at 3 in the afternoon but wicked fun! Next on the adgenda was the Arctic Monkeys then a few random bands and a bit of silent disco (great fun!) then the part we had all been waiting for............................PRODIGDY! who were absoluty funking brilliant!

The weather was beautiful all day and we had a really good laugh, we did loose Nat right at the end and then my phone died so we had a bit of a palaver trying to find her but we ended up meeting her at the station near home and then went for pizza (I know I know but it is sooooooooooo cheap!!!) and then made it to bed around 1 ish.

[I didn't have pizza cos I'm Austen the hero!!!]

We are all going to have a nice lie in tomorrow!

:) p.s. our camera died pretty early in the day so we will post some more piccys when we steal them off Nat....if anyone cares!?

Hmmm yes aparently Nat's camera has got a virus so rather annoyingly she's lost her photo's!! Doh!!!

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