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Artesan with his amazing insect pins

Mate cup and Bombailla straw -National Drink vessel

Flower pins of Argentina

Saturday Market - Recoleta

The Crown Princess sets sail today for Montevideo, Uruguay - arriving there tomorrow at 8am and departing at 6pm. We checked out of our hotel at 10 and had them hold our luggage. Then we walked across the street to a very large weekend market called Artesans Paseo. Only on weekends, these little metal stand frames are put up by someone - probably over a 100 of them, and local folks set up their wares for sell. Painted shirts, Mate cups with silver straws (holds the local bitter tea called Mate (sp?), lots of leather goods (they have a lot of cows here so leather is a national art form), scarves, jewelry, pottery, small painted canvases - not tourist junk but most items in the stalls have some kind of artist ability present. Today was just as hot as last Saturday!

Then, back to the hotel to get our bags and a cab to get to the pier. Check in is from 1-5 so our goal is to get there around 3ish to avoid the first crowds, especially if a line forms outside in the hot ☀️ sun.

I'm getting the 'general information " about each of our upcoming stops fleshed in before we leave our hotel since except for Montevideo, we have been at all the other places and I have the write ups about them. This way I can get them finalized on the ship with few additional sentences and some new pictures. The ship wifi is $99.00 for 200 minutes. But it is so slow that it takes a number of minutes just to get wifi to your device and downloading pictures takes even more time.

We are in an obstructed view room - Emerald Deck 607 - looking in to a lifeboat window from our window. We advanced from Ruby to Platinum this cruises so that means we get some free wifi minutes! That is good!

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