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Leaving Tok, AK

Alaskan home decor

Ken's fishing spot

The loons on Grizzly Lake

We departed Tok and are heading south, (but not sure where). We had a nice breakfast at Fast Eddies in Tok before we left. The name does not match the service, but the food was good and they had free internet while we waited, so it was all fine. We stopped at the Tok visitor center, and Ken picked up an Alaska fishing license (yeah!!). We stopped for lunch at a wayside rest and discovered that we had some major water leakage going on with our kitchen faucet. It seems that all the rough roads may have jiggled things loose, so all is good now. We also stopped along side a little river & Ken did some fishing, he caught 5 (so he says, lol), but threw them all back. (Jane did not witness this) We got kind of a late start today, and there were lots of frost heaves in the roads (but no gravel or const), and with the plumbing repairs & such, we decided to make it a short day. We found a beautiful little resort on Grizzly Lake and took a camp spot right on the lake. After setting up camp, we met the neighbors, Scot & Yvonne from So. Calif., and Lori & Jim from Sask. Canada. Scot & Yvonne had a great app on their phone that did a loon call, so we all sat around the campfire, watched and listened to the loons. It was a great evening of fun & laughter with yet more new friends!! Unfortunately, later in the evening, it started to rain so we didn't get many pics, but a few, so we'll post what we have.

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