The Arch and St Louis Skyline

Mississippi Overlook Information

Mississippi Overlook

After a late start Ross and Marge headed for the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park where a four story lookout has been erected. It is the best location for viewing the Arch and obtaining a full exposure of the structure. You also get a good view of the St. Louis skyline, the bridges that cross the Mississippi, and a very good shot of a very small portion of the Mississippi River and the barge traffic on the Mississippi.

Following the visit to the lookout Ross and Marge returned to the Arch Visitor's Center and the museum. They stayed at the museum until they decided to leave to get a bite to eat. They ended up eating at an Irish Pub/Restaurant located in the Hampton Inn. After lunch they returned to the motorhome and watched the final day of the Jeopardy Champions of the Decades show.

The weather today is very chilly with the high temperature being around 58 degrees with a strong breeze. The sky is overcast with billowy cumulus clouds. The temperature overnight dropped to 48 degrees and tonight’s overnight low is predicted to be down around 40 degrees.

Ross & Marge are leaving Granite City tomorrow morning and heading to Joliet, Illinois for three nights. They hope to be able to visit Chicago and possibly the old radar site that was the first assignment for Ross following his completing one year of electronics training at the Air Force's radar school in Biloxi, Mississippi. Most likely the site has been closed unless the FAA has maintained the radar site as apart of the air traffic control system in the crowded Chicago Air Space.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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