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Streets of Paraty, Brazil

Lynn and David on cruise, Paraty, Brazil

Quiet bay, Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil - beautiful town

On the beach in evening, Paraty, Brazil

David at Sugarloaf Mountain with Christ the Redeemer in the far background,...

Lynn and David at Sugarloaf Mountain, with view of Copacabana, Rio de...

Lynn and David at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lynn at Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lynn eating a mint and raspberry ice cream, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro,...

Sign - 6 beers- this is for the Tasmanians!!!!

Getting ready for Carnavale 2014, Barrio Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arcos de Lapa (Arches of Lapa), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arcos de Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thursday 27th February 2014

Paraty to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Up at about 5:45am to pack up for the drive to Rio today. Sad to be leaving beautiful Paraty (pronounced Parachee) There were four trucks going to Rio from our campsite and we were the first to leave at 7:00am, having packed up and had breakfast by then. Today was very hot – by the time we reached the outskirts of Rio, it was 41°C. Once we arrived at our hotel in the centre of the city, in order to prevent anything being stolen and to offload all the bags quickly, we used a system of passing each bag to the next person, with lookouts on the pavement and inside the hotel, to prevent anything being stolen. That being achieved we were in our room by about 12:30pm and had the rest of the day to ourselves. At 2:00pm we went on a “familiarisation” walk with a few of the group and were out for about 3 hours, having drinks and lunch on the way. As mentioned above, it was very hot today so cool beers were the order of the day. Came back to the hotel and then went out for a group dinner to a restaurant that had live music and the slowest food service in living memory. Still hot and very noisy, we were back to the hotel around 11:30pm and to bed. Still hot even then.

Friday 28th February 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beautiful breakfast this morning in the hotel. Our tap over the bathroom sink would not turn off so we reported that to reception and hoped that it would be fixed. Most of the people in the group were going on a city tour today. We decided (previously) that we wouldn’t do that so about 9:30am we set off to catch the bus to go to Sugarloaf Mountain and the cable car. Once we got off the bus we found the cable car (after quite a bit of help from locals including the bus driver who sounded his horn to attract our attention and indicated to us that we should cross the road in front of him and then go through an underpass) and went to the top – two stages – for a magnificent view of Rio and surrounding areas. Lynn had a funny experience when she got talking to a young man and discovered he lives in the street in which she grew up! Eventually came down – had our packed lunch up there – it was only about 36°C today and then caught the bus to Copacabana Beach and walked along the length of the beach, walked across to Ipanema Beach (not as attractive and much hotter) and finally found a beautiful ice cream place to eat in. Then we walked back to the metro and travelled back to the city by train and then back to the hotel for a rest and an aperitif. By the way, the tap was fixed in the hotel room. We went out to dinner tonight with our Canadian friends who are staying in a different hotel. The city is starting to ‘heat up’ for Carnivale with many people out in the streets – many with funny hats or in costumes such as superheroes, or men dressed as women. There was a small street party going on near the restaurant in which we had dinner and we had a great evening listening to the percussion group. It is interesting to note that the banks and some hotels have their plate glass windows boarded up. As we write this entry at 11.40pm there is loud music playing outside our hotel and the sounds of people having fun. However, we are told that the celebrations start in earnest tomorrow!

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