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The plan was to get up today and head up the road to the open aır museum. When we looked outside and saw that it was raining we knew it was going to be a nothing day.

Upstairs for breakfast and we meet 5 other Australians waiting for bus`s that night as well. So after telling each other about our travells and a few games of cards ıt was time to start to pack up. Great way to spend the day.

During the day we found out that at the under ground city where we where the day before it had snowed about 10cm. Wow the temperature changes quickly here.

Had dinner and then headed to the bus station to catch our 8pm bus.

As the bus arrived I had flashbacks of the last 12 hour bus trip we took (not good). Anyway its the only way to get there so here goes see you in 12 hours!!

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