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Scrub Jay at Memaloose State Park

West through the Gorge

Old Historic Bridge below Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Of 2 million visitors/year, we were there alone - how cool!

Multnomah Lodge, built in 1925

Female, Male Common Merganzers at Multnomah Creek

Moss-covered Rocks

Moss and Lichen-covered trees

Tree branches covered in moss and lichens

...covered in moss.

Bridge over the Umpqua River

Shed roof collapsing under the weight of moss and ferns

Our site at Bullards before we enter

Date: April 3, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Bullard’s Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon

Mileage: End - 106692

Start - 106367

Total Miles for the day: 325

Weather: rainy in the morning, sunny as we reached the coast

Temperature: start 41º

High 53º

Wildlife count: Scrub Jay, Lesser Scaup, American Robins, Cormorants, Canada Geese, Roosevelt Elk, Common Merganzers

We left Memaloose State Park around 8 and headed west on I-84 towards Portland with a stop at Multnomah Falls. We were blessed to have it all to ourselves this day. We learned that major rivers cut through valleys, and of course, the Missoula floods helped to carve the Gorge. However, tributaries of the rivers that cut out deep valleys were often left hanging as waterfalls. Driving through the Gorge, these past few days, we have seen LOTS of waterfalls.

As we drove down the Willamette Valley on I-5, we saw hundreds of sheep – a remarkable number. There were also cattle, both dairy and beef.

Spring has sprung here in Oregon and we saw Daffodils in bloom, as well as Magnolia, Crabapple, and Cherry trees blooming. It appeared that all of the trees that were not evergreens were blooming. However, on closer examination, it became apparent that the deciduous trees were simply covered in lichens and mosses – several pictures tell that story. We even saw an old – VERY old 5th wheel, completely covered in moss. Spray painted on the side, “Not 4 sale – don’t even ask.”

It was great to be back at Bullard’s – the sun was shining brightly when we arrived, and we were able to set up leisurely. We came close with the Dish, when some fellow volunteers arrived, so we will have to complete that tomorrow. We are in a delightful site, in a loop that is closed to the public for at least a month, so we have the entire place to ourselves!

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