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Columbia River



As I journey along the Columbia I continue to run into some fantastic scenery especially along the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland. This area is full of hiking trails and waterfalls.

Late yesterday afternoon I made sure to get a hike in before settling down for the night. The weather is not nearly as chilly as last week. In fact it's only been getting down to the upper 50's at night. Thankfully no more ice on my tent poles!

I am spending Thursday in Portland for two reasons. I want to watch the Packer game and, unfortunately, I need a brake job. I guess I went up and down one too many mountain roads. Oh well! Better to take care of it now than have some serious trouble later in the middle of nowhere.

On Friday I should complete my journey to the Pacific Coast and I plan to start for home on Sunday. Originally I thought I would hit Yellowstone on the way back, but I'm going to make that another trip.

I hope to be home by the middle of next week. I'll make sure to fill you in on my remaining days.

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