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South American handling of lost baggage

Pink presidential palace in Buenos Aires

Clock that is supposed to look like Big Ben

View from top of "Big Ben"

After having a surprisingly good time in Santiago (many travellers I have met didn't really like it there), it was time to move on to Argentina. Flying in I felt a kind of sadness that this is really the last leg of my travelling experience for the time being (North from Buenos Aires to Rio over the next 5-6 weeks) before having to go back to work.

After staying in the world's flashest hostel in Santiago, I knew that I probably had spoiled my hostelling experience from this point onwards. As it happens I have found a reasonably good one in Buenos Aires called Portal del Sur. However, was not impressed with them piping in traditional Argentinian music at the crack of dawn this morning. The hostel is about 3 stories all set around a big covered atrium (really weird architecture - how I would imagine Paris to be), and it also has a Terrace Bar on the roof overlooking downtown.

In fact, Buenos Aires has been called the Paris of the South, so can't wait to go have a look around!

OK one thing which is immediately apparent about Argentina (and I guess South America generally) is that you can smoke anywhere - buses, airports, hostels, restaurants. In fact, the common perception seems to be that a steak dinner is not complete without a haze of blue smoke curling around the ceiling.

Also, although Argentinians are obsessed with fashion, a shaggy mullet (AKA Deigo Maradona in about 1986) seems to be relatively popular and unduring. Seems like something of a contradiction to me, but I guess what do I know about fashion. That said, I seem to be growing my own version of the DM cut as part of travelling and not needing to be particularly tidy looking!

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