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Here is the Sawmill Campground 9Dade City, Florida) Bikers Group on Saturday,...

The bikes loaded up and ready to go to Sawmill.

Here we are at the Hess Gas Station, ready to go.

Bill is ready to go

Which one is the real dinosaur?

One of the many animals located at Boyett's Orange Grove and Zoo.

A llama at the zoo.

A beautiful peacock spreads its tail feathers.

Boyett's Orange Grove and well as a dinosaur museum, aquarium, and...

Taking off from Boyett's

Bill decides to sit it out at the Pioneer Florida Village and...

The Old Train Depot

An old School House

An Old Steam Engine

This old house was moved from another location in the state.

How about this woody?

Our return to the campground

Unpacking at the campground

How about something cold to drink?

The end of the trip

Our campsite at Sawmill..

Biker's Weekend at Sawmill Campground

Bill and I needed a weekend away together so we decided to go to Sawmill Campground in Dade City, Florida.

It just so happened to be Biker's Weekend. On Saturday, April 18, 2009 there was to be a bike ride so we decided to join in with the group.

The trip was to be a 3-4 hours drive for a total of 42 miles with several stops along the way.

Our first stop was to fuel up all of the bikes so we headed for Brooksville to fill up at the Hess Gas Station. Then off we went.

Our first stop was at the Boyett's Orange Grove and Zoo. Last year Mr. Boyett was held up and shot during the hold up so we decided to support his business. This place was our in the country. It was an old orange grove that housed an old time country store, an aquarium, a dinosaur museum, a zoo and a menagerie of other strange stuff. It was an adventure but everyone appeared to have a good time. After spending some time there we headed out for a long ride before the next stop.

We stopped at the Pioneer Florida Village Museum in Dade City. It was a large outdoor museum of Florida History. There were many old displays along with old historical buildings and equipment. I learned very much from this place. We spent a long time here also but it was very much worth the stop.

We then were to go to the Dade City Museum but it was closed for the day. So we headed out for another long ride in the country. The road was windy and narrow but it was a thrill ride.

We then returned to the campground. Upon our return, we were treated to a wonderful picnic dinner. The dinner included grilled chicken, baked beans, potato salad, and drinks. We all gathered at the picnic and had a great time sharing stories with each other. We met some people from all over the state and some who lived near us.

That evening was a country/western outdoor dance.

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