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Back to Civilization !!!

We’ve just spent our 72nd night in the desert, with no “modern” conveniences. Have been living on solar power as our electrical source and carrying our water in our 30-gallon tank and sewage in our “little blue toter”. We’ll now be hooked up to water, sewer and electric and wi-fi in parks most of the way back (unless we can find some more “dry camping” spots along the way). It was a great time and a great way to live (for awhile!!!).

We left Quartzsite at 8 in the morning, with temperatures due to be in mid-80’s. We got to Williams, 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon, and it was in the 50’s and very windy. Will get down to mid-20’s at night. Our trip today took us through some pretty high mountains – up to 7100 feet. At one point we had to pull off the road to unhook the car from the RV, as they didn’t allow anyone through that was over 40’ – and the RV is 38’ and another 10’ or so for the towbar and car. It was just as well, because then I followed in the car and I didn’t have to ride on the “outside looking down” !!! We hooked back up at Prescott and continued the trip.

We’re now at Canyon Gateway RV Park in Williams, and plan to explore the area for the next few days. Don’t know how many pics we’ll be able to put on as our space is limited and we’re about at our limit, but will put them on as we can

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