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Uros & Taquille Islands

Arrgh. Yet another early start.

Today we set off to visit the floating reed islands of the Uros people.

We were collected from our hotel and taken to Puno harbour where we board a small pleasure boat / motor launch.

This took us into the sheltered Titicaca bay about 1km from Puno and into the reed beds.

As the dense reeds open out we could see a series of platforms. These turned out to be rather solidly constructed islands. We stopped at one and were warmly greeted by the inhabitants.

The islands are constructed from the roots of reeds which are cut and shaped into blocks 2m deep and about 1/2m sq. The blocks are then bound together and anchored to a neaby reed bed. Then many layers of reeds are placed on top to form a soft mat cover. There are so many buildings, also made from reeds, built on top of the platforms. Houses, a shop, a telephone box and even a post office, so we both sent letters home.

Walking about on the platforms is really springy & quite funny.

The Uros people fled to the safety of the lake and hid amongst the reed beds to protect themselves from the Incas and later the conquistadors.

We then had a ride to another reed island by reed boat which looked something like a Viking long boat, accompanied by a sweet Uros girl called Anna who insisted on having her photo taken by all.

After this trip we went by our motor boat to Taquille island where we had some lunch. Not a great deal to say about Taquille island really except that the views to the Altiplano in Bolivia were amazing.

Puno is a bustling town and reminds us somewhat of China...

Tomorrow we fly back to Cusco for a rest day and then we head off to the Amazon basin.

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