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Today was another run-around chore day. I wanted to get my car washed, get a haircut, Ann needed some OTC meds from Walgreen's, we needed some paper towels, etc.

We followed the waiter's directions to the car-wash, which was not there. So we went back to COSTCO for the towels and asked about a car wash there. We finally found it. It was one where you paid what I'd pay in Chandler, AZ for a full service car wash but you got to clean the inside yourself, got to ride through the wash machines and a guy wiped off the excess water at the end. The SUV was in such bad shape when it went in, it came out needing another wash or two to get it done right. Oh well! While we were there, Ann bought another camera to replace the one she brought with her and that was malfunctioning.

We drove around some more and finally found a hair salon. She was able to take me right away.

Next stop - Radio Shack. Ann wanted to get a backup battery for her new camera and a larger storage card. We got both. I also got a backup battery for mine, as well.

We stopped at Walgreen's, got Ann her meds and then went to lunch at Perkins. While there, we spied a beautiful fresh strawberry cream pie in the display case. It called out our name as we were paying and then mysteriously jumped into a take out bag. It is wonderfully sinful.

We basically settled in for the day. Ann played with her new toy. Socks was Socks, lovable as ever. I moved the coach forward to see if I could pick up DirecTV. That didn't work. So we did our computer thing, read and hit the sack.

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