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Seal colony 10 minutes from town

Sisley and Ethan with Fluffy

They need to scratch

and take naps in the sun

This is the big guy in town

Sisley and Ethan with Rammy at a sheep farm

Learning how to sheer a sheep

Growing sheep horns

A typical morning at the hostel

Although the town itself isn't much, the highlight in Kaikoura was the seal colony so close to town. When the tide went out we walked out on to the rocks where many seals sunbathe and sleep. You would never believe that these animals are wild. It's as if we weren't even there for them. They never looked at us, just continued on with their scratching and sleeping. Sisley and Ethan got pretty close to one particular seal that they named Fluffly. He was brown and his hair was longer and drier than the other seals so they quickly to a liking to him. After the seal colony we hiked to another area where we learned about the whaling that took place in Kaikoura in the 1800's. As it used to be a whaling town they had some old harpoons and leftover artefacts of the era. It was sad particularly to Sisley as she loves animals so much. The second day we had some laughs at an old sheep farm where we got to see a sheep shearing show. There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand while the human population is 4 million. So, when you look at the New Zealand landscape, you can usually always spot white specs.

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