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Planning, if we can ever get out of the hotel foyer!

Nothing else to do

Just as well we booked!

Surviving the typhoon!

We woke early to see what the conditions were like but quickly decided that venturing outside would not be a good idea. Luckily, I had the foresight to make a reservation for dinner in the restaurant, even though I was assured by the waiter it would be quiet.

It ended up being a fairly laid-back day, spent on the lounges in the reception area with what felt like every occupant of the hotel. The poor employees; they were working on a skeleton staff and up until 3pm it was chaotic. People had to check out of their rooms at 10am (giving staff time to clean the rooms ready for the next guests) and new arrivals couldn’t check in until 3pm. As many of the outgoing guests didn’t have anywhere to immediately go, there were twice as many people as usual milling around.

Luckily, I threw in a pack of cards at the last minute so after a few hands of 500, I decided to teach the girls how to play PIG. Nothing more hilarious than watching a 50+ woman running around the couches snorting like a pig!

We arrived at our dinner reservation as planned at 7pm and got many “dirty” looks as we bypassed the queue to our table. I got the feeling that most of the diners believed they would never have another meal in their life, and the buffet was soon exhausted.

Sitting around is hard work so it was an early retirement, to be ready to navigate our way to the first destination on our walk, trains working or not.

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