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Bridge at boardwalk, Moncton, NB

Petitcodiak river where Tidal Bore comes in

Confederation Bridge


(Anne of) Green Gables Home

Tuesday, June 11

We got going before 8 am and drove to downtown Moncton, NB.  We stopped at an information place and found that it didn't open until 10.  Headed back to camper and a staff member from the attached museum had tracked us down and let us in.  He shared lots of info and we picked up some maps and brochures. It was soooooo nice of him! When we got to the downtown area, we stopped at another info center to get info on exact times the Bore Tide comes in.  Yesterday we were told it would come in about 12:45. Unfortunately it came in at 5:06 am and was due 5:46 pm. I took this from the internet to explain the bore tides…

Caused by the Bay of Fundy tides, theTidal Bore occurs twice daily. Watch the water in the Petitcodiac River roll back upstream in one wave that can go up to 60 cm in height! EstimatedTidal Bore times online and at the Visitor Information Centre beside Bore Park, downtown Moncton.  

We walked the boardwalk and paths down by the river and it was so pretty.  It was a nice, sunny day there. Lots of people were walking or biking there.   Anyways, we didn't want to wait so long to see the tidal bore, so we moved on… we're hoping to catch some in another place.  If you google Tide Bore Moncton, NB, you can see a video. The river apparently is so dark and rusty looking due to the silt. The riverbanks are covered with thick silt.  On to Prince Edward Island… we headed north out of the city. Our favorite gps gal, Brandy, who never seems to shut up, was sleeping on the job today. There was a split in the highway and she wouldn't say which way to go, so we guessed.  Yup. We guessed wrong… so we went out of our way just a little. It was a pretty drive and most of the roads were good, but when they were bumpy, they were bumpy! The Acadian Coastal Drive that led to the bridge was very pretty. We took the Confederation Bridge over to Prince Edward Island.  The views were awesome. The bridge is 12,900 meters long, which is about 8 miles. It's about 60 meters over the Northumberland Strait. One section is a lot higher with big arches under it, presumably for big ships. We didn't have to pay a toll as they only charge on the way back to NB. It costs about $44.  We'll be taking a ferry to Nova Scotia, for about $79 instead. We walked and shopped in the area by the Visitor's Center. PEI is very flat, and very pretty. We saw some older houses alongside some newer ones. Next we headed to see the Green Gables Heritage in Cavendish. What a pretty ride. On the way, there were miles and miles of farmland, just tilled.  The dirt is a reddish color. When we first arrived in Cavendish, we drove along the coast on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It was beautiful. We toured the (Anne of) Green Gables home and property and took a nice trail that had plaques every so often, with a quote from the author, L. M. Montgomery. We saw a huge owl on our walk. There were lots of wildflowers, especially a lot of forget-me-nots, mostly blue but some pink and some white ones too.  After that we stopped at a nearby KOA for the night. It was good to have a quieter day with less miles travelled.

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